Sports Racer Rear Wings

As much downforce as your Sports Racer can handle, and then some. Our new rear wing design has been carefully crafted to work in concert with your undertray to extract the maximum amount of downforce, without impacting your top-end speed. We've worked carefully to ensure maximum efficiency, so you get your downforce at minimum drag.

This truly universal wing can be constructed to any width, custom-fit to your Sports Racer bodywork, at no extra charge. We have successfully fitted our wings to many different types of cars including Sports Racers and Formula Cars.  Give us a call or email to discuss your specific application:

  • Stohr WF1
  • Stohr 01d
  • West WX-10
  • West WR1000
  • Elan DP-02
  • Swift-Viking CSR
  • Radical SR3
  • Radical PR6
  • Speads RS07
  • Formula Atlantic
  • Autocross
  • F1-style spooned mainplane
  • Placement designed to maximize downforce from your undertray
  • Highly efficient "twisted" low drag rear flap
  • Continuously varying airfoil profiles from root to tip
  • Rear wing endplates with integral gurneys

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